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First Picture in Place

The first big print in place! In the beginning of March I asked for your help with choosing pictures for the yard. Today we put up the first one. Essam climbed and Annelie and I put the rope around the pillar.

The ground around the Ruin is leveled out with the big dumper.

Bishop Thomas and Abanub is discussing the work with making a floor in the outer part of the yard.

The road to the Ruin is cleaned, the donkey Freedom pulls the wagon.

Wires for the unconditional love is put up.

Emilia makes the oceans on Earth.

Annelie and three women from Alexandria are working with the pearls of unconditional love.

Checking the size of the Earth, maybe we need a bigger one … it depends on how may picture you will upload

It’s very different to make an exhibition here than in Sweden. There I did all the work my self, or with help from my father and maybe a friend. Here it’s a collective work. I love that! It fits so vey well with Big Heart of Humanity :-)

Everyone Together

Yesterday evening everyone at Anafora went to the Ruin and started to clean up around the exhibition hall. Wow!

When fifty or more people work together, things happens fast.

Bishop Thomas’ presens is important and inspiring.

When it started to be dark some of the guys put up lights and started the generator, so we could continue.

Tomorrow Friday, is the vernissage — both here at Anafora and here on the web, read more. Welcome!

Webcast Vernissage

Webcast from the webk vernissage on Friday, April 6

It starts with some sentences in Swedish, but then it’s all in English.

Vernissage Day at Anafora

The last photos for the exhibition arrived during night, so Annelie, Essam and I stood up before six o’clock today and put them up on the walls. After that it has been intense with webcasts and showing more than hundred visitors around.

People walk around in the exhibition and they see, feel, talk and get new perspective and ideas. It’s just wonderful and a bit overwhelming. All the people from Anafora came and saw the exhibition and in the end, when we gathered around the Universe with planet Earth in the middle, my heart just broke. Humanity is fantastic and I know we can create a society, that is good for all Humans and Everything else living on this planet.

Below are pictures that Annelie Nilsson took today.



Oppression and Freedom

Some weeks ago I talked to a women from South Africa, who visited Anafora. There was one short line in our conversation that touched me deeply and has stayed with me since then — the end of apartheid also liberated her, a white and privileged person.

Since than I’ve been thinking and feeling into this space of liberation of the oppressor. It’s also a burden to be privileged, to be a part of a system that is not fair. Both the oppressor and the oppressed are trapped in the same system. None is free.

I can see how we, as humanity, is maintaining an unfair system against all other species and future generations. We are all born into this system and we can’t break free as individuals. The more aware we get the more we feel the burden; the guilt and the shame.

Big Heart of Humanity can be seen as a liberation project. The core is not about giving up our privileges, it’s about becoming free. So I will go to South Africa and dive deeper into this.

Some days ago Anafora got ten ducks as a gift and the small cage was placed outside the kitchen in the sunshine. I was not there, but came just after their breakout, when they were all happily swimming in the pool. We shared their happiness and their joy in the water.

Now all ducks are in the freezer, waiting for the pot.

And we really don’t want to think about how all the chickens we are served, has been living …


Heart Inside Big Heart of Humanity

It’s almost eleven months since I started my journey. Going trough Europe and now I’ve been in Egypt for two months. It has been a fantastic journey. My exploration of Big Heart of Humanity has been wide and rich. I’ve met incredible people and seen so much and learned so much.

Now it’s time to sit down and look into the core of Big Heart of Humanity, to focus. To ask the question: What is the unique perspective of Big Heart of Humanity? What am I doing here?

I’ve been pondering this question for some days now, written and rewritten this post several times. My mind has really tried to figure it all out … but right now my heart came up with this:

It’s the perspective of being a heart inside Big Heart of Humanity

Very simple and powerful.

I’ll stay with that for a while …


The picture is from the harvest of the beans here at Anafora early Monday morning.

A New Circle

Yesterday evening i went to the Ruins and took down the hanging sculpture of Big Heart of Humanity, the one with all the photos.

Big Heart of Humanity can’t be built from the outside.
It’s not something we can look at, not an object
It’s something growing within us and between us

Sat down in the middle of the empty, dark room, bright moonlight outside. Could see the evening star trough the big opening and hear the workers harvesting the wheat just next to the Ruin. Magic.

Stood up and gathered seven chairs and the long thick rope. The rope that hadn’t found it’s place in the original set up of the exhibition, but I always knew it had a place. I put the chairs in a circle with the rope around twice, once inside, once outside. So we can sit and hold the rope and also be held by it. Here we can be Big Heart of Humanity together in a collective exploration. Welcome!


The hanging sculpture was there for a month, it was true when I put it up. It has served well and been admired by many during the month it has been there. Maybe there will come a time, when I can use the photos again in a true way. Until then I deeply thank you all who contributed, you did that from your heart and your action was inside Big Heart of Humanity, but I turned it into an object and that is not true anymore …

Anafora — The Virtual Exhibition

Sometimes things takes time
Not only because it takes a lot of hours to do them
Not only because it’s too many ideas I want to test
Not only because it’s a lot of thoughts that need time to surface and settle
But sometimes you also need to wait for the right perspective to arrive …

My exhibition at Anafora in Egypt in April was a wonderful event. It made me put everything I thought and felt about Big Heart of Humanity into one big expression. Summing up, becoming clear, find ways to communicate, use all my skills and cooperate with the wonderful people at Anafora and the place itself. It was an amazing process and I’m so very, very grateful that I got the opportunity to do this. I’ve made many exhibitions, but this was the biggest adventure!

After the vernissage the exhibition started to influence me, I changed my view on my project and I changed the exhibition. I made plans for the web exhibition and I changed them, again and again … I had the idea that I wanted the web version to both be true to the exhibition at Anafora and to express exactly what I thought about Big Heart of Humanity at that moment.

When “Who is Embracing?” entered the scene in June, it became totally clear that that idea was impossible.

Through my work with “Who is Embracing?” I’ve got the perspective I needed. I can embraced the exhibition at Anafora, as it was, and give it to you in a form that is true both to what was then and a part of what is true for me today.

So, welcome to the web version of Big Heart of Humanity at Anafora!

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