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Thank you for the bed!

Now I’ve been on the road for exactly a year. It has been an amazing year and I’ve met so many wonderful people, thank you all for everything! I’ve learned heaps from you and I’ve had so many great experiences together with you.

I would have loved to make a video with everything I’ve done and seen and with photos of all of you whom I’ve met. But that is just not possible. So I decided to focus on you who has opened your doors to your homes and offered me a bed for a night, for a week or for months, thank you!

By the way, I have a nice couch in my room here in Cape Town, if you need a bed here!


At Home in Cape Town

Arrived in Cape Town on Sunday. On Monday my couchsurfing host tok me for a drive around Table Mountain. Cape Town is a very beautiful place on the Planet and interesting in so many ways, I’m really happy I’m here!

I will stay here for two to three months and do computer work, but most important, really dive into Big Heart of Humanity. Connect the dots, go deeper and formulate what I’ve understood so far. So keep with me, I think the coming months will be exciting …

View over Three Anchor Bay. I rent a small flat in the left corner of the picture, where all the trees are, just a block from the beach. The Island you can see on the right is Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 prison years.

This city is really a mixture of everything; from townships to castles, from ocean to 1700 meter high mountains, from fish harbors to wine yards, like this one in the middle of town.

In winter time it can be a bit rainy, but I’ve got some nice days so far. And I don’t mind some rain after three months in Egypt …

The birds here are different from Europe. Though a lot of them are from families I recognize as seagulls …

… but what is this one?

The roads are steep, there are no biking lines but a lot of cars. So I will walk and use public transportation.

Wind …

Down town, view from Signal Hill. The city centre is small, but the town is big.

It’s winter time now and “only” around 20 degrees in day time. But the most strange thing for me is that the sun is in north. I have to turn the whole planet 180 degrees several times a day … guess I will get used to it.

Views, walls, races … it will take some time to figure it all out … South Africa is like this Planet in miniature.

Beach art.

A New Circle

Yesterday evening i went to the Ruins and took down the hanging sculpture of Big Heart of Humanity, the one with all the photos.

Big Heart of Humanity can’t be built from the outside.
It’s not something we can look at, not an object
It’s something growing within us and between us

Sat down in the middle of the empty, dark room, bright moonlight outside. Could see the evening star trough the big opening and hear the workers harvesting the wheat just next to the Ruin. Magic.

Stood up and gathered seven chairs and the long thick rope. The rope that hadn’t found it’s place in the original set up of the exhibition, but I always knew it had a place. I put the chairs in a circle with the rope around twice, once inside, once outside. So we can sit and hold the rope and also be held by it. Here we can be Big Heart of Humanity together in a collective exploration. Welcome!


The hanging sculpture was there for a month, it was true when I put it up. It has served well and been admired by many during the month it has been there. Maybe there will come a time, when I can use the photos again in a true way. Until then I deeply thank you all who contributed, you did that from your heart and your action was inside Big Heart of Humanity, but I turned it into an object and that is not true anymore …

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