Archive | August, 2012

I know the ones that stings and bites


Back in the South of Sweden

I know the landscape and the sky
the sun takes a low and long turn from east to south to west
and the new moon looks like a comma

I know the names of the ones that stings and bites
the name of the plants that burns and where to look for thorns
and which berries I can eat and the ones that will kill me

I know what all the signs points to
though I can’t figure out the graffiti anywhere in the world
probably has more to do with with age than geography

I know what’s behind the walls and curtains
how daily life goes on here
and how to sort my garbage

And my bicycle takes me anywhere I like
to all my  friends, costumers and favorite places
I love bing back in Sweden!


It might sound a bit strange to write about stinging and biting and poison and thorns and garbage. But this is the core of what I love with being back in Sweden. To get to know the bright side of other places is fast and easy — the beautiful flowers, the stunning views, the fancy birds, the impressive buildings. But in order to feel comfortable and at home in a place I need to know the downsides, the hidden things. And that takes a lot more time …

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