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Heart Inside Big Heart of Humanity

It’s almost eleven months since I started my journey. Going trough Europe and now I’ve been in Egypt for two months. It has been a fantastic journey. My exploration of Big Heart of Humanity has been wide and rich. I’ve met incredible people and seen so much and learned so much.

Now it’s time to sit down and look into the core of Big Heart of Humanity, to focus. To ask the question: What is the unique perspective of Big Heart of Humanity? What am I doing here?

I’ve been pondering this question for some days now, written and rewritten this post several times. My mind has really tried to figure it all out … but right now my heart came up with this:

It’s the perspective of being a heart inside Big Heart of Humanity

Very simple and powerful.

I’ll stay with that for a while …


The picture is from the harvest of the beans here at Anafora early Monday morning.

Oppression and Freedom

Some weeks ago I talked to a women from South Africa, who visited Anafora. There was one short line in our conversation that touched me deeply and has stayed with me since then — the end of apartheid also liberated her, a white and privileged person.

Since than I’ve been thinking and feeling into this space of liberation of the oppressor. It’s also a burden to be privileged, to be a part of a system that is not fair. Both the oppressor and the oppressed are trapped in the same system. None is free.

I can see how we, as humanity, is maintaining an unfair system against all other species and future generations. We are all born into this system and we can’t break free as individuals. The more aware we get the more we feel the burden; the guilt and the shame.

Big Heart of Humanity can be seen as a liberation project. The core is not about giving up our privileges, it’s about becoming free. So I will go to South Africa and dive deeper into this.

Some days ago Anafora got ten ducks as a gift and the small cage was placed outside the kitchen in the sunshine. I was not there, but came just after their breakout, when they were all happily swimming in the pool. We shared their happiness and their joy in the water.

Now all ducks are in the freezer, waiting for the pot.

And we really don’t want to think about how all the chickens we are served, has been living …


Vernissage Day at Anafora

The last photos for the exhibition arrived during night, so Annelie, Essam and I stood up before six o’clock today and put them up on the walls. After that it has been intense with webcasts and showing more than hundred visitors around.

People walk around in the exhibition and they see, feel, talk and get new perspective and ideas. It’s just wonderful and a bit overwhelming. All the people from Anafora came and saw the exhibition and in the end, when we gathered around the Universe with planet Earth in the middle, my heart just broke. Humanity is fantastic and I know we can create a society, that is good for all Humans and Everything else living on this planet.

Below are pictures that Annelie Nilsson took today.



Webcast Vernissage

Webcast from the webk vernissage on Friday, April 6

It starts with some sentences in Swedish, but then it’s all in English.

Everyone Together

Yesterday evening everyone at Anafora went to the Ruin and started to clean up around the exhibition hall. Wow!

When fifty or more people work together, things happens fast.

Bishop Thomas’ presens is important and inspiring.

When it started to be dark some of the guys put up lights and started the generator, so we could continue.

Tomorrow Friday, is the vernissage — both here at Anafora and here on the web, read more. Welcome!

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