Oppression and Freedom

Some weeks ago I talked to a women from South Africa, who visited Anafora. There was one short line in our conversation that touched me deeply and has stayed with me since then — the end of apartheid also liberated her, a white and privileged person.

Since than I’ve been thinking and feeling into this space of liberation of the oppressor. It’s also a burden to be privileged, to be a part of a system that is not fair. Both the oppressor and the oppressed are trapped in the same system. None is free.

I can see how we, as humanity, is maintaining an unfair system against all other species and future generations. We are all born into this system and we can’t break free as individuals. The more aware we get the more we feel the burden; the guilt and the shame.

Big Heart of Humanity can be seen as a liberation project. The core is not about giving up our privileges, it’s about becoming free. So I will go to South Africa and dive deeper into this.

Some days ago Anafora got ten ducks as a gift and the small cage was placed outside the kitchen in the sunshine. I was not there, but came just after their breakout, when they were all happily swimming in the pool. We shared their happiness and their joy in the water.

Now all ducks are in the freezer, waiting for the pot.

And we really don’t want to think about how all the chickens we are served, has been living …


3 Responses to Oppression and Freedom

  1. Brahmani April 28, 2012 at 13:32 #

    what an end line to the duck’s story! just after having looked at the lovely photo!!!…..I have to say I’m shocked!…..;well, not that I think we should hide to kill the animals we eat…but to feel it so violently, the killing, makes me want to think again about NOT eating meat.
    Well, nice of you guys to have let these ducks play and enjoy one last moment of life….OH!s¤¤t! I just bought a chicken!…..(a dead one, at the butcher)…..

  2. Brahmani April 28, 2012 at 13:40 #

    I end my reflexion with a joke: I like to change this. It is a real reflexion on “awareness of life” that I mean to open for myself…and for whoever feels drawn to it as well…. Are we really allowed to kill SO many animals for our pleasure-food?

  3. Stina Deurell April 30, 2012 at 08:21 #

    Hi Brahmani, Thank you for your reflections. I think we need both the lighter jokes and the deep feelings in order to really reflect upon our lifestyle …

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