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The Nile — And a New Flavor!

Just a quick post to mark that I reached the Nile yesterday and had a lovely day in Cairo.
Great and intense days in Athens before I came to Egypt.
Today I arrived at Anafora, en amazing place in the desert between Cairo and Alexandria.

The European part of my Big Heart of Humanity journey has ended and the flavor of the project is changing. It’s time to focus and communicate more and this site will be the hub. See you again soon!

Easter Exhibition in Egypt

How to make an Exhibition about Big Heart of Humanity, in a Ruin in the Desert in Egypt, from Nothing to Vernissage in 40 Days? I don’t know. But I will know on Good Friday …

Last Saturday I came to Anafora as a volunteer, it’s a coptic retreat center in the desert between Cairo and Alexandria. I will make a web site for them, take pictures and help where ever a hand is needed. On Sunday, my first morning here, we went up on the roof of the main building and Katja Bexar pointed out places and buildings. “The Ruin” caught my interest and after the introduction I went there.

I immediately saw that this is one of most wonderful exhibition halls I ever seen and I felt that I just would love to make an exhibition here! I walked trough the building listening to the rooms and Big Heart of Humanity talking to each other, pondering content and finding form. Tuesday I presented my idea to Bishop Thomas and Kaja and they said yes and gave me free hands and their full support. Wow!  So I will have an exhibition this Eastern, just as I’ve had every Easter, except one, since 2005.

The last days has been an intense enquiry into; What is Anafora? What am I doing here? What is my perspective, my contribution to this place? What is Big Heart of Humanity really about? It’s focus time …



I will write more about Anafora in an other post.

Beauty Everywhere

I’ve started to take pictures for the exhibition. There are ten walls between the arches in the open yard and my intention is to have ten pictures, each three meter high, with details from the building and the close area around.

This is an exhibition concept I’ve used several times before. My intention is to open the eyes of the visitor for all the beauty that is always there, everywhere around us!

So far I have fifteen pictures I like, and probably I’ll take more photos. So I have to choose. You can se them here — Pictures for the open yard. Do you have a favorite?

Anafora — Visual Impressions

I’ve spent two weeks at Anafora and I start to see, feel and understand a little bit more. Tried to write a post about the place, but it’s hard to formulate what this is — it’s so much.

Decided to just publish photos today, you can watch them as a slideshow or a gallery, if you click the link above.

The exhibition is evolving, lot of thinking and planning. And just being with Big Heart of Humanity opening to what want to be expressed here, at this wonderful, beautiful, heartful place … will tell more soon.

And thank you all for you comments about the pictures for the yard! I will go to Cairo tomorrow and give them to the printshop.

I Need your Help with Pictures for the Exhibition!

The work with turning the ruin into an exhibition is in progress!

It’s a lot to do and it’s very different from working in Sweden, where I know how everything is organized … well, it’s interesting to navigate new waters :-)

Now I need your help – In the room on the picture above, I’m gong to make a huge, hanging sculpture with lots of small pictures. And I would love you, dear blog reader, to be a part of that!

Read more and upload under the menu item Exhibition (closed).

Got some good help from Emma and Jessica with cleaning the yard, thank you!

Printing Pictures in Cairo

Two  intense days in Cairo, prolonging my visa, printing pictures, buying things for the exhibition and meeting couchsurfers.

It’s an entirely different thing to work with an exhibition in a city with twenty million people, traffic jam and everything organized in a way far from the swedish way of doing things.

Ashraf, who is printing my pictures on canvas, does the color calibration in his way, by changing the colors in my files, well it works, hopefully … I haven’t got all the prints yet.

Anafora has a flat in central Cairo, just three blocks from the Tahrir square. I took those pictures from the windows.

All the small streets around Tahrir are blocked, so I had to walk in a circle to get to the flat. And yes, there are a lot of cars in Cairo.

View from the window in the staircase.

In the evening I joined the Cairo couchsurfing group who had organized a boat trip on the Nile with a felucca, a traditional sailing boat.


Playing, Working, Thinking …

Working with the exhibition; it’s a challenging mix of playing and creating beauty, getting all the practical stuff together, navigate in a foreign culture and trying to communicate the essence of Big Heart of Humanity the best I can to a diverse audience.

A huge thank you to all of you who have uploaded pictures for the Big Heart of Humanity mobile, such a wonderful mixture of people and nature. But more pictures are needed for both the globe and the heart shape, so please contribute if you can!

The bougainvillea is flowering here at Anafora.

Something is in focus, maybe it dominates the picture, maybe not …

Out of focus, but shining anyway :-)

Anafora by Night

Have been exercising my tripod around the church tonight. It’s magic here both in the sunshine and in the dark. And that is true both in a concrete and metaphoric way.

Right now I’m waiting for my friend Annelie to arrive from Sweden. Looking very much forward to have her here.

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