I have the right to be here!

Woke up this morning and knew that I have the right to be here on this planet. I have the birthright to live here. We all have. I’m born here and my body is an expression of this planet. I don’t have to earn the right to be here, it’s given.

Of course it’s this way! Strange that it hit me this deep now, after 52 years …

Can see my double denial of this right:
Personally – always have to prove myself, be a good girl …
Collectively — belonging to a species that I see is destroying the planet.

Guess I’m able to experience this new relation now, because I start to relax personally and I start to see humanities positive potential on our planet.

Can also see that my right to BE here is not the same as a right to DO what ever I like …

Went out in the sunshine and took these pictures here in Kiel.  


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