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Do you know that you Represent Humanity?

Some days ago I went for a walk in the sunshine in northern Italy and suddenly it struck me that Big Heart of Humanity is not about creating or changing or building or doing anything. It’s about a recognition, about becoming aware of what is already here.

I sat down in the old, yellow grass and looked at the trees and hills around.
Yes, I’m a Representative of Big Heart of Humanity.
We all are.
Some of us are aware that we are representatives, others are not.
But we all are.
We represent Humanity in all our relations to Everything.

In the eye of other humans I represent myself, my family, my town, my group, my country, my continent …
In the eye of a swan, a frog or a tree I represent Humanity.
Just as I relate to them as representatives of swans, frogs or trees.

If I’ve had a bad or good experience with a swan before, that swan I’m facing will represent that, just as the swan will see me in the light of its experience of other humans.

When I start to feel into this way of relating to animals and plants, it’s a profound difference. Before I saw myself as a single person in relation to nature. Mostly I saw the plants and animals as representatives, sometimes I got to know one in a more individual and personal way.

Now I have to stand up for all of Humanity, with all its ups and downs, in all my relations to everything that is not Humanity.

To consciously represent Humanity makes me both feel deeply connected to all of Humanity and to feel responsible for how we treat other species on Earth. And at the same time I feel really open and loving towards our fellow beings on this wonderful planet. I can sense the great potential in Humanity and in our relation to Everything.

Try you too! Just face what ever plant or animal you have around and say:
— Hello, I represent Humanity.
And then listen inwards and outwards and see what occur …

There is much to explore here, this post is just a first step and I appreciate every comment on it!

I’ve taken the photos in Sweden in different locations the last years.

A Collective Golden Rule

The Golden Rule — Love your neighbor as you love yourself — has popped up in different ways the last month. I can see the beauty in it, but what I also see is a very individualistic and anthropocentric rule. It’s one persons relation to other persons.

Yesterday I started to think about how The Golden Rule would look like in the context of Big Heart of Humanity. How to formulate a collective Golden Role? A Golden Rule about the relation between all of Humanity and Everything else?

Love Everything as you love Humanity?

Looks nice … but when I start to think about it … how many humans loves Humanity? We love parts of humanity; our friends, people doing good things, poor people in foreign countries … How does your list looks like? And who is on your list of “non neighbors”? Can we become One Humanity as long as we have those two lists? Or is it enough if the first one is a bit longer than the second one? When does Big Heart of Humanity comes alive?

So I guess it would be a good idea to include the personal Golden Rule into the collective one. A Humanity at war with it self will always be at war with Everything around it. Just as a single human at war with her self can’t love others, as the Golden Rule points out — Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

If we’re not at peace with each other as Humanity, loving nature only becomes a personal escapism. I know, I’ve been there.

If the relation between Humanity and Everything is not based on love it won’t be sustainable.

Love your self, so You can love Everyone, so We can love Everything


PS I know there are many ways to formulate The Golden Rule. I’ve chosen the one that makes most sense to me. 

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