First Picture in Place

The first big print in place! In the beginning of March I asked for your help with choosing pictures for the yard. Today we put up the first one. Essam climbed and Annelie and I put the rope around the pillar.

The ground around the Ruin is leveled out with the big dumper.

Bishop Thomas and Abanub is discussing the work with making a floor in the outer part of the yard.

The road to the Ruin is cleaned, the donkey Freedom pulls the wagon.

Wires for the unconditional love is put up.

Emilia makes the oceans on Earth.

Annelie and three women from Alexandria are working with the pearls of unconditional love.

Checking the size of the Earth, maybe we need a bigger one … it depends on how may picture you will upload

It’s very different to make an exhibition here than in Sweden. There I did all the work my self, or with help from my father and maybe a friend. Here it’s a collective work. I love that! It fits so vey well with Big Heart of Humanity :-)

2 Responses to First Picture in Place

  1. Robert Holmin April 1, 2012 at 00:08 #

    It looks like lots of fun. Great that you are sharing this with us.

  2. Peter Fowelin April 1, 2012 at 06:40 #

    It’s so wonderful to see known and unknown friends work with the exhibition. I hope some of it will still remain in place when I arrive in May!

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