Our Land

Who used this ground for food and rest before it became a building site?

Have you ever thought about who lived where you live now, before there was a house? Can you travel in time and see them? Bugs and mice, birds and mammals, snakes and frogs … and the trees, the grass, the flowers?

Yes, this planet belongs to us, too. But we are not alone and not the only ones who need some living-space.

And we plant flowers in our parks and the bumblebees enjoy them too.

And the dove loves the fountain and the water just as much as we do.

But so far, we have taken 40% of the land on this planet to produce our food and to live on.
The best land.

The house sparrows and several other species know how to share the land with us.
Other species don’t find our fields or gardens suitable so they vanish.

When I work with “Who is Embracing?” and embrace as Big Heart of Humanity or the Biosphere, those questions become so very close and alive — I am the homeless fox and the dead toad. We all are.

All picture taken today during a walk at Ekerö outside Stockholm.

I know the ones that stings and bites


Back in the South of Sweden

I know the landscape and the sky
the sun takes a low and long turn from east to south to west
and the new moon looks like a comma

I know the names of the ones that stings and bites
the name of the plants that burns and where to look for thorns
and which berries I can eat and the ones that will kill me

I know what all the signs points to
though I can’t figure out the graffiti anywhere in the world
probably has more to do with with age than geography

I know what’s behind the walls and curtains
how daily life goes on here
and how to sort my garbage

And my bicycle takes me anywhere I like
to all my  friends, costumers and favorite places
I love bing back in Sweden!


It might sound a bit strange to write about stinging and biting and poison and thorns and garbage. But this is the core of what I love with being back in Sweden. To get to know the bright side of other places is fast and easy — the beautiful flowers, the stunning views, the fancy birds, the impressive buildings. But in order to feel comfortable and at home in a place I need to know the downsides, the hidden things. And that takes a lot more time …

Time to Embrace my Roots

This Saturday I woke up and just knew that it’s time for me to see the Swedish forests again. To reconnect with my roots in the nature I know and love. I can skype with friends, but trees and lakes don’t have skype …

This part of the Big Heart of Humanity journey is complete. I found “Who is Embracing?” and now the next phase starts.

So, I’ve booked a flight next Monday to Copenhagen. It’s a very good feeling. But I will miss Cape Town …

I’ve been thinking about going to Namibia, a country everyone says is so beautiful, but beauty is one thing, to be connected is an other. My relation to the plants on these pictures from South Africa, is very shallow, we don’t really have a relation.

Of course I could get to know this landscape and connect to it. But it would take time.

I feel how much I’m longing for being with  the forests, the lakes, the fields and the species I know. To reconnect with my roots. Sit with the animals and plants and ask the question “Who is Embracing?”.

I don’t know what will happen, but I know what I will do — among the very few things I still own, is my tent and my bike …

I’m not going to settle down, I have no longing for an other home than where I happen to be at the moment. I will continue to go where the Big Heart of Humanity project wants me to go. The journey continues even if I’m in Sweden.

I’m looking so much forward to embrace all of you, my friends and family back in Scandinavia!

The first picture is from Three Sisters in the middle of South Africa, the others are from Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town. 

Anafora — The Virtual Exhibition

Sometimes things takes time
Not only because it takes a lot of hours to do them
Not only because it’s too many ideas I want to test
Not only because it’s a lot of thoughts that need time to surface and settle
But sometimes you also need to wait for the right perspective to arrive …

My exhibition at Anafora in Egypt in April was a wonderful event. It made me put everything I thought and felt about Big Heart of Humanity into one big expression. Summing up, becoming clear, find ways to communicate, use all my skills and cooperate with the wonderful people at Anafora and the place itself. It was an amazing process and I’m so very, very grateful that I got the opportunity to do this. I’ve made many exhibitions, but this was the biggest adventure!

After the vernissage the exhibition started to influence me, I changed my view on my project and I changed the exhibition. I made plans for the web exhibition and I changed them, again and again … I had the idea that I wanted the web version to both be true to the exhibition at Anafora and to express exactly what I thought about Big Heart of Humanity at that moment.

When “Who is Embracing?” entered the scene in June, it became totally clear that that idea was impossible.

Through my work with “Who is Embracing?” I’ve got the perspective I needed. I can embraced the exhibition at Anafora, as it was, and give it to you in a form that is true both to what was then and a part of what is true for me today.

So, welcome to the web version of Big Heart of Humanity at Anafora!

Embracing My Heart

The concept “Who is Embracing?” is changing my worldview and my self image. It’s like I’m integrating all parts of me in a new way, very grounding and opening at the same time. And I know it’s also transforming some of you, dear readers.

My previous post was about a journey in consciousness, about the relative and absolute. But there is also an other journey of embrace that came to me simultaneously, just as important, but different. The embrace of heart, in the subtile realm. A more fluid place with ten thousand hearts embracing each other in ten thousand ways.

What I call hearts has many names and can be understood in many ways. Subtile fields and collective holons are other names. I focus on the heart aspect, because that makes sense to what I’m experiencing.

Here is my favorite embrace of my heart right now, where does your embrace of your heart takes you?


I am my Heart
I embrace my Heart
Who is embracing?

I am Big Heart of Humanity
I embrace Big Heart of Humanity
Who is embracing?

I am Big Heart of Life
I embrace Big Heart of Life
Who is embracing?

I am Big Heart of Planet Earth
I embrace Big Heart of Planet Earth
Who is embracing?

I am Big Heart of The Universe
I embrace Big Heart of The Universe
Who is embracing?


Exploding into new Universes


I took the pictures tonight at the beach in Cape Town. Without tripod and with the light from the moon and the streetlights. I went down to the cliffs at midnight and lit a candle, you can see it as a little white dot to the right in the middle picture.

At the same time James Baye was interred in Victoria, Canada. As my coach, he taught me how to open my heart, without him no “Who is Embracing?”.

Who is Embracing?

I invite you to read this slowly, as a meditation:


I am my body
I embrace my body
Who is embracing?

I am my feelings
I embrace my feelings
Who is embracing?

I am my thoughts
I embrace my thoughts
Who is embracing?

I am awareness
I embrace awareness
Who is embracing?

I am everything
I embrace everything
Who is embracing?

I am

Being here, now


The lines above came together this Friday as a syntheses of many years of meditative practice, sparked by trying to get James’ life and death together. His profound embodiment and his deep, transcendent qualities.

When we walk along the spiritual path it’s easy to fall in love with the new levels and abandon the “lower” — to transcend and forget to include.

Planet Earth, Humanity and all the other species, needs all of us here and now. Now.
A spirituality that doesn’t leave Anything behind.
No dissociation, no neti, neti, only a huge embrace that puts us into full contact with all aspect of our selfs and Everything.
Even if it hurts.

Living in the Relative and the Absolute.
Seeing both aspects. Being  both aspects. As One.

“Unless trends change, the remaining 250 Chacma baboons of the Cape South Peninsula face extinction within 10 years.

Baboons lived in Cape Town’s surrounding hills and plains long before their human neighbours took up residence. Conflict escalated as urban development encroached on baboon habitat bringing them into ever closer contact with man.” www.gonomad.com/helps/0601/baboons.html

“African Penguins — They are listed on the IUCN Red List as “vulnerable” with population trend decreasing. This penguin is listed because it is suffering a rapid decline in it’s population. The 21st century started with a tenth of the population that the 20th century started with. This is believed to be due to massive commerical fisheries causing shifts in types, and amounts of prey available to the penguins in their range.

Also, two wide spread oil spills in 1994, and 2000 affected over 40 percent of the population of the African Penguins, killing at least 30,000 penguins, that were accounted for. Then of course, the disturbance that man brings to their nesting sites, along with the harvesting of their eggs.”

 All photos from Cape Point a week ago.

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