Our Land

Who used this ground for food and rest before it became a building site?

Have you ever thought about who lived where you live now, before there was a house? Can you travel in time and see them? Bugs and mice, birds and mammals, snakes and frogs … and the trees, the grass, the flowers?

Yes, this planet belongs to us, too. But we are not alone and not the only ones who need some living-space.

And we plant flowers in our parks and the bumblebees enjoy them too.

And the dove loves the fountain and the water just as much as we do.

But so far, we have taken 40% of the land on this planet to produce our food and to live on.
The best land.

The house sparrows and several other species know how to share the land with us.
Other species don’t find our fields or gardens suitable so they vanish.

When I work with “Who is Embracing?” and embrace as Big Heart of Humanity or the Biosphere, those questions become so very close and alive — I am the homeless fox and the dead toad. We all are.

All picture taken today during a walk at Ekerö outside Stockholm.

3 Responses to Our Land

  1. Hanna September 10, 2012 at 21:49 #

    I would like to join my recent experience with yours, my dear friend. From Germany to Sweden. First, grasping Big Heart of Humanity. In Tibet, on my recent journey, Chinese, Tibetans, Naxi and many other minorities are human. As are we, our travel group, English, German, American, Tibetan/Nepali. Just human. Smile means smile. Respect. Culture means change and growth, rooted in tradition and branching out into new media, speed of communication and transport, new streets and electricity, mobile phone signal all over China and Tibet. Still needing and appreciating food. Comfort. Plants and animals. The strong and potent plants in Tibet, still alive, not eradicated yet. The pigs roam the streets and eat the food that rich humans do not want. Rich humans eat the pigs. The pigs, before they are slaughtered, do not know and are happy. The rich humans, before they die, do not know and are full and happy. I do not blame them. I am one with them. We are human. There is hope for this planet and its inhabitants. Everything changes. This is good news. Just be. Happy. Responsible. Humble. Not needing so much. Giving everything. And more. It is enough.

  2. Stina Deurell September 11, 2012 at 17:26 #

    Dear Hanna,
    Thank you for sharing. I feel your heart and love for everything.
    Yes, there is hope for this planet, and a lot of transformation work to do before humanity “Not needing so much” … a lot of embrace …
    Big Heart, Stina

  3. Annelie Nilsson September 12, 2012 at 09:23 #

    Thank your for this post and reflections Stina.
    Living on my great grand fathers land and once having found what seems to be (at least in my imagination as a kid;) a tool made of flint stone have made me think quite a lot about who have lived here before.
    I am also trying to “restore” the land back to its natural beauty before my father dumped earth masses everywhere and threes and grass started to cover the former bare and gorgeous rocks and mountains. I am really alarmed about what is going on in Bohuslän and that it will be all covered by trees in 10-20 years time, and thinking about what can be done in order to prevent this to happen.

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