An Embracing Worldview

View from Chimney Rock looking at Cerro Pedernal

View from Chimney Rock looking at Cerro Pedernal. I’m staying at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico for a week. It’s a breathtaking place, with a wide view, embraced by mountains. 

The last month I’ve been writing about the ideas behind “Who is Embracing?”.

Getting it more clear
Finding the right words
Thinking about it again
Taking a new perspective
Checking with friends

And now the text is there!

The Biosphere is looking forward to your response as Humanity
And all the other perspectives are there to dance with you!

August 2014

Yes, I wrote that text and I published it. But then my question “Who is Embracing” took me into a deeper dive and I had to step back and see more, experience more and most of all – embrace more!

In September 2014 my new website will open. A website that is the result of the journey told on this site. 

Welcome to

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