The Heart Tube

Happy 2013 Everyone!  I’m in Denver in Colorado enjoying the sunny weather and the squirrels chasing each other in the trees.

During New Year I was participating in a big conference about the future of integral thinking. It made me wonder a lot about our relation to this planet and other species and how americans see them selfs and the world. It will take a while to sort it out …

But I would like to start this year with sharing a heart opening exercise that I got from my coach, James Baye, almost two years ago. It has been a very important practice for me and I have use it a lot and developed it into a wider embrace.

It’s a fast and simple way to open up the heart energy and it’s also a perfect preparation for the “Who is Embracing?” meditations.

The Heart Tube

Focus on your heart and breath normally
Imagine that your heart is shaped like a heart with a wider top and the bottom as a point
Breath in and fill your heart with as much air and energy as you can
Don’t exhale, just fill it until it’s flowing over
Keep your breath for a few seconds

When you can’t hold your breath any more
Open the bottom of your heart and let the energy flow down into your whole body
You can imagine that you cut the bottom open and that the energy just flush down
Repeat a couple of times until your heart has become a tube where the energy flows up and down

See the world from this perspective, relate to others, embrace …

If you like you can extend the flow after some breaths
from being only inside you to connecting you with planet and sky
So when you exhale let the energy flow down your body and all the way deep into Earth
and when you inhale, let it flow up trough your body and out the top of your head

Being a tube of love, with your heart and breath as the engine, connecting the solid planet with the living biosphere.
Up and down, up and down … just being a Heart Tube.


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