Big Heart Embracing

When we ask the question “Who is Embracing?”
Our consciousness expands — as a deep inhalation
For each breath we embrace a wider circle
Embracing as our group, humanity, the biosphere, the Universe

But for each inhalation there is an exhalation
The perspective shifts direction
From expanding to embracing
My group embraces me, humanity embraces us, the biosphere embraces life, the Universe embraces everything

What is embraced is held and seen
Embraced with unconditional love
Nothing else is possible

Big Heart of humanity embracing us,
Big Heart of the biosphere embracing life
Big Heart of the universe embracing everything

The inhalation expands — a wider embrace
Freedom and vastness
Pain and problems are illusions

The exhalation relaxes — embracing what is
Love and intimacy
Pain and problems are real


All pictures from a walk in the nearby forest this Friday. 

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