Perspectives and Values


If I see from the perspective of me, Stina;
My happiness will be the most important thing in the world.

If I see from the perspective of my family or group;
The happiness of my family or group will be what I work for, what motivates me and makes me happy.

If I see from the perspective of humanity;
The happiness of all humans will be what’s important for me and I won’t be truly happy before everyone is happy.

If I see from the perspective of the biosphere;
The happiness of life will be my focus and I share the joy and the pain of all life.


All these perspectives are true.

All these perspectives can be an intellectual idea, a heart feeling or I can actually become those perspectives and experience them in first person. That is what “Who is Embracing?” is all about.


As a single, human being I can more or less ignore the biosphere.

Or I can start to see the biosphere. See it as something other, something out there, separate from me, something I can use or take care of. An It.

Or I can start to think about how I’m a part of the web of life on planet Earth. How we all are ancestors of the firsts cells on this planet and I can start to feel into that connectedness and relate to all life as You and We.

Or I can recognize that my consciousness is a local department of the Big Consciousness and that the biosphere is a regional department. And I ask myself “who is embracing?” and I become the biosphere, embracing all life including Stina. I am the biosphere.


I’m not only embraced by the biosphere, there are an infinite amount of embraces. Circles in circles like an infinite spiral: Me, family, friends, class, ethnicity, nationality, religion, humanity, mammals, vertebrates, animals, the biosphere, planet Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Universe …

And looking the other way, there are equal infinite embraces:  my organs, cells, molecules, atoms, particles, strings …


When I expand to a wider embrace, it’s an inhale, a widening of my consciousness.
When I turn and see everything I embrace, it’s an exhale, a widening of my heart.


The more we see and love the world from different perspectives the stronger that perspective gets. What perspectives do you exercise?



All photos of the same little leaf, but from different perspectives.

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