Big Heart of Life

The last weeks I’ve discovered some new Big Hearts.

Big Heart of Humanity is still my main focus and the Heart that I think is the most important to explore and evolve — in this time, on this Planet. But there are Big Hearts inside Hearts all the way up and all the way down …

As many of you already know, my journey begun an evening in October 2010, when I was sitting meditating on my couch at home in Höör in the South of Sweden. Suddenly I was moved into the Field of Humanity. It was a very strong energetical feeling and I knew what was happening in an intuitive way. The next day my relation to humans and to animals had changed dramatically.

I was a human among humans in a new and wonderful way and when I met animals I did that as a human, not as a part of nature. It took me a while to figure out what happened.

Nature and the environmental movement has been my home since I was a kid. I know everything about how we humans are exploiting and destroying nature. How we have taken us the right to do what ever we want with all animals and all landscapes on this planet. And I didn’t want to be a part of that, so I disassociated myself from Humanity. Humans were Them, the ones who destroys our planet, not me.

And I can see how most of us in the environmental movement, view reality from the Field of Nature and we try to save our Planet from Humans. And that just doesn’t work …

The last months I’ve started to sometimes be inside Big Heart of Humanity in a new and deeper way. Viewing the world from the perspective of Big Heart of Humanity. Not as a part, but as the whole. Of course we all are always inside Big Heart of Humanity, but we are not aware of it and Big Heart of Humanity is not conscious trough us, yet …

It’s not easy to try to understand and communicate those things … but important to try and I hope you get some feeling about it. Maybe you have similar experiences? If you want to share them, please do, I would love to hear about it!

A week ago when I was aware as Big Heart of Humanity, I suddenly was inside Big Heart of Life. A Big Heart that transcends and includes Big Heart of Humanity. Wow, I’ve never been so at home on this planet, never so deeply one with every living creature, belonging, being so small and so big. We, as Humanity, are really inside Life on Earth. And we are loved and held.

So in short, my journey has so far looked like something like this:

Humans are Them
I’m a Human!
Animals are Them
We are all Life!

Put this way it seems quite trivial and obvious. And yes, it is. But only from the outside perspective, the perspective of the mind, of knowledge. But that is not enough for changing our way of being Humanity on Earth. Our Hearts are needed and our awareness and conscious engagement in all the Big Hearts. A shift in perspective, from “me” to “all of us” to “all life”.

PS I’ve also discovered a Big Heart inside Big Heart of Humanity, but that will be an other post, an other day.

PPS All pictures from beaches in Cape Town.

One Response to Big Heart of Life

  1. Brahmani August 12, 2012 at 14:26 #

    ” Eternity IS in love with the world of time “

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