Archive | December, 2011

Being a part of Humanity …


Walked to Vico and did some grocery shopping
On the way home I stopped and looked at the mountains swept in mist

Felt into being a single human before this magnificent nature
— Small, overwhelmed, insignificant …

Decided to identify with the Field of Humanity
and as a part of that field stand before Nature

A totally different relation
— Love, care, responsibility

Big Heart of Humanity …


The Grove nearby the railroad in Höör

This is a slideshow with pictures from the little grove I used to pas, when I walked to the railway station in Höör in Sweden.

I love to take pictures of all those things we normally don’t pay much attention to — to see what is really there. That’s why I prefer to take photos at places I know well. To go deeper into seeing. Here at Corsica I’m overwhelmed by the landscape. And the pictures I take becomes very truistic and shallow. No connection. It will change the longer I stay …

The music is played by the danish pianist Lars Penstoft, he is improvising while looking at the slideshow.


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