To Hamburg with Freja

If you travel from Kiel to Hamburg with the train, you join four other people at the ticket machine and together you buy a group ticket. In this way you pay 8€ instead of 30€ for the trip, great!

An other advantage is that you connect to people :-)

I had a wonderful trip together with Freja who studies law and democracy. We talked intensively for one hour and twenty minutes. She is really burning for democracy and is going into politics to DO it. We went into the problems with having to always make compromises and taking decisions in tuff situations. If we want to live in a democracy, we need to take care of our politicians. And we don’t.

We talked about the planet, about our shared connection to trees, about that we are so many humans on this planet and about our impact.

She is training taekwondo and I trained aikido, so we talked about the shared fields you can experience during intense practice or meditation. What are these fields? Do we have a human field?

I should have asked to take a picture of her, but suddenly the train was in Hamburg and she had to hurry … have to learn to use my camera earlier … so the picture is from the railway station in Hamburg. It’s a huge place … much bigger than what’s on the picture.

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