Does the Sky Connect Us?

Some days ago I sat down with a map and looked for a route to Egypt. My intention is to move in that direction, because I would like to see the Nile.

I’ve decided to only travel on the surface of the Planet, by train, bus and boat. So how to get from Sweden to Egypt?  If I take the west route I have to go trough Libya and the east route will take me trough Syria. Suddenly the conflicts in those two countries came close, very close. I was involved.

When I sat there looking at the map I heard the airplanes flying over me. So easy!
We live in this nice and safe country and then we take a nice and safe airplane and we are in an other place far away. Jumping over all the problems on the ground.

I don’t know the exact flight route to Thailand from Sweden, but there are countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Burma on the path. If there were no airplanes — If we had fast trains instead, would we become more or less connected?

I took those three pictures today on a bike tour, thinking about this question.

2 Responses to Does the Sky Connect Us?

  1. Annelie Nilsson October 21, 2011 at 09:55 #

    Really interesting thoughts about how we bypass problems by literally put our heads in the clouds – instead of the sand…..
    Maybe it will be great to travel through Libya in a few weeks?

    Is it you up in the skye on the last picture;)?

  2. Stina October 21, 2011 at 10:20 #

    I think it’s all of us up there as clouds, me too ;-)
    Yes, maybe the west route will be really interesting … or I go trough Turkey and take the boat to Cyprus and further to Egypt.
    I’m traveling on step at a time — on the ground — open to what will happen.

    Big Heart, Stina

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