Animals in Arles

Went for a walk in the centre of Arles. Noted all the sculptures and images of animals and started to take pictures.

Look through them and reflect on what you see and feel. Do that before you read my comments. You can only see them with your eyes before you get my view. Don’t miss your perspective!

What are we relating to?
To the animals or our images of the animals?
How many layers of symbols and interpretation are there?

Can you see the layer I put there as a photographer?
And the layer I put there as a writer, by asking those questions?

How much are the animals only a symbol for some aspects of the human nature or culture?

And how does this extensive use of animals as symbols influence our way of relating to the real animals? Can we see a wild bear without also see a teddy bear?

Location: Arles, France
Year: 2011
Tags: Animals, Awareness
Transportation:  Train or Bus