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portfolio Stina Deurell

I’m a nature photographer and use my camera to see the world with open eyes. In my portfolio, you’ll find photos, mainly from Sweden but also from my long journey in 2011-12. Read more …

Rutnät Höör


Mitt stora fotoprojekt. 218 punkter utspridda över hela Höörs kommun. Hur ser det egentligen ut i “naturen” och vad brukar jag fotografera, och inte? Läs mer …

Wider Embraces

Wider Embraces

A new way of looking at our planet Earth, and not only look at it, but rest in its Embrace, and feel our deep belonging. And then lean out and take the whole planet as our perspective. Gaining insights, healing and aligning. Read more at my other website: widerembraces.org/

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