Belonging and Alignment – Vision and Mission

Our Planetary Journey into the Future

It’s not enough with political changes or more meditation, nor will recycling and green energy solve our global problems. We have to profoundly change our story about who we are and how the world is put together. And act from there. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System

Modern Science Tells a Story of Interconnection

Luckily, modern science has revealed, bit by bit, our deep interconnectedness on all levels and in all directions. Scientists who study cosmology, physics, ecology, evolution, archaeology, sociology, psychology and so on, all point to the same basic idea; we live in a complex web, we are nodes in an intertwined reality. We are not separate. 

Our Old Stories Threatens Us and the Planet

Our stories of autonomy, whether they are about being a free individual here and now, or moving through time and space as an eternal soul, don’t serve us anymore. These stories of independence guided us for thousands of years and helped us to the current moment. But now they threaten everything we have created and love, and they are critically damaging the whole Biosphere, of which we are part. 

Wider Embraces

Do you know that it takes between five to thirty billion years after a mass extinction event before the ecosystems are as diverse and resilient as before? And that is the prerequisite for a civilisation, as ours, to emerge and thrive. 

Vision – Life on Planet Earth Flourishing into Deep Time 

My vision is a planet where life moves forward in all its diversity and beauty, into the far, far future, with humans and without us, with new civilisations and without. Letting the four billion year-long journey of life on Earth continue to find new forms, emerge, evolve, live! 

Mission – From Separation to Belonging and Alignment

From separation to belonging. 
From belonging to alignment. 
Without losing the beauty of separation. 

To replace the story of a separate me with an awareness of our interconnectedness through science. 
To replace the story of a separate soul with an awareness of all our wider Embraces.
To replace the story of only Oneness being real, or only the material being real, and become aware of the beautiful interplay between objects and subjectivity. 

Regardless if this is possible to accomplish or not, it’s the mission and the path I’m on. Because it’s true and beautiful and necessary. 


The Wider Embraces Method

The Wider Embraces method let us take the scientific map of the world and turn it into our first-person perspective. Not only knowing that we belong but deeply experiencing it. Feel the Embrace of the Biosphere, take the perspective as the Embrace of Humanity, get insights as the Embrace of my Family or Country. 

The Wider Embraces method, let us experience that we are the whole web; everything I’m part of, I am. Separation is indeed real, but so is belonging.

Time Schedule – Now and Whenever

If our impossible mission is completed in our personal lifetime, if it includes humans at all, or if we just are making some grooves stretching into the far distant future when a new species has created a technologically advanced culture, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter; we need to start now, the path is the same whatever the timescale. 

And fortunately, this path is full of joy, connections and surprising insights. 

Join – If this resonates with you

Do you feel from head to heart to toe that it is a crucial time for life on Earth? Do you share this vision, do you think the mission is impossible, but worth a try? Do you love science and think the Wider Embraces method sounds interesting? If so, you are very welcome to join us on this journey; adding your perspectives, skills and knowledge. 

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

Photo: Stina Deurell. The photos are taken with the motive out of focus.